Traffic calming measures and a new pedestrian crossing are to be installed in an effort to improve road safety in Carrigtwohill.
Cobh Municipality approved plans for the development of a pedestrian crossing between the Community Centre and the village’s two National Schools at its October sitting.
The need for safety measures in the village have been raised by the Councillors at their meetings for a number of years.
Mark O’Sullivan the authority’s Senior Engineer for Non-National roads told councillors the works should be completed by the end of the year.
A controlled crossing will be installed to the West of the Community Centre located close to the Credit union, to facilitate people crossing the road to the bus stop, commercial units and school.
Mr O’Sullivan said his team will also include build outs to reduce traffic speeds on either side of the approach to the crossing.
The senior engineer said they will need to make some minor alterations to the existing footpaths and road markings.
Funding has already been approved by the Authority it’s expected the new safety measure will be in place in the next eight weeks.
Fine Gael Councillor Anthony Barry welcomed the scheme he said “it’s a much needed facility” as “it’s a very busy and dangerous location.”
The Fine Gael Councillor asked if a railing could be included in the plans as young students could easily wander out onto the road.
Mr O’Sullivan said he would not be in favour of installing a railing at this stage.
He said “What you can find is that people can get on the wrong side. It’s something that can be added if deemed necessary later.”