John Hinchliffe operations co-ordinator of the Alzheimers Association receiving a cheque from Oak Lodge Nursing Home Staff Eileen Kenneally, Sada Agbelaola, Gosia Tanska and residents of the home.

Oaklodge Nursing Home in Churchtown South presented a cheque to the Alzheimer Society of Ireland last Friday 2 June.
The home raised the money by holding a tea morning as part of the society’s national tea day.
The residents have been supporting the society tea mornings for the past six years.
The home is just one of two facilities that cater specifically for people with a dementia related condition in East Cork.
At present 5,425 people suffer from dementia in Cork County, nationally that figure is just over 55,000.
Because our society are living longer it’s predicted by 2041 as many as 135,000 people in Ireland will have a dementia related disorder.
It’s estimated that one in every hundred, sixty year olds on average will have dementia. When you reach sixty five, your chances of getting the condition double every five years.
The second most common type of dementia is called vascular dementia associated with life style, diabetes and smoking.
Also known as multi-infarct dementia it’s caused by problems in the supply of blood to the brain, typically a series of minor strokes, leading to worsening cognitive decline.
The Society look to support people with a diagnosis and their family carers to maintain individuals in their own home and environment for as long as practical.