Old N25 Glounthaune Road to get Face Lift

By Seamus Whelehan


The old N25 Glounthaune road is set for a major upgrade to provide  pedestrian safety at the junction with the R623, which is the access road over the new N25 and into Little Island.

The move comes as designers working on a plan to add an extra lane to the East Gate Bridge near Little Island to ease congestion, identified serious safety concerns at the junction for both motorists and pedestrians.

Brian Burke of Arup Consulting told the Cobh Municipality that the footpath between the railway, the access junction and the R623 was substandard.

Sections of the pathway narrow to 1.3m, far below the recommended 2m, and there is little pedestrian connectivity between the railway and Rock Grove Industrial Estate.

Whilst there is a footpath on the southern side, there is no crossing point into the Industrial Estate and the former National primary route also encourages high vehicle speeds.

A traffic review carried out in the area found the average speed to be between 64 and 69 kilometres per hour (KPH) with 15% of motorists travelling at 80kph, exceeding the recommended 50kph.

During peak times westbound traffic on the Glounthaune road has been observed overtaking traffic queuing to enter Little Island in the right bound lane of the R623.

Under the new proposals a Gateway Island will be constructed at either end of the change in speed limit.

The footpath will be widened between the junction of the R263 and the railway station.

The through laneways will be reduced to 3.5 metres and the short left slip lane will be removed at the Rock Grove Industrial Estate.

The hard shoulder will be removed and the central hatching will be widened.

Two additional central islands will be constructed between the Industrial Estate and the junction with the R623, providing safety for pedestrians crossing to Rock Grove and preventing reckless overtaking of queuing vehicles.

If Planning is approved it is expected that works will be completed by early 2019, ahead of the major upgrade works planned for the Jack Lynch Tunnel and Dunkettle interchange.