The new range of OMG Double dare products are in stores right now!
And if you haven’t already, pick one up.

This week I tried the peel off 24k facemask with the 24k eye patch 3in1 kit, and the results were ASTOUNDING!

Even without the brush, the 24k mask is so easy to apply, and goes on like a moisturising
lotion, I left mine on for 15 minutes along with the eye patches and I couldn’t believe the feel of my skin afterwards it was so soft and luxurious.

Now an OMG Mask would not be an OMG Mask without the OMG Hairband... my husband though this was hilarious as I walked round with a gold face and a huge pink hairband bow on my head but I have to say, the hairband works a treat keeping all the stray hairs away while you mask

The mask absolutely done what it said on the package, my skin felt more youthful, and had a lot less wrinkles, and the after cream smelled amazing too!

Our Rating for OMG Double dare gets a HUGE thumbs up!!!!