Only 50% of Litter Fines Issued in 2017 Have Been Paid

By Seamus Whelehan


Almost 2,000 litter complaints were received by Cork County Council last year which resulted in just over 320 fines being issued.
In 2017, Just over half the litter fines issued across the County were paid according to the latest stats released by the authority’s environmental directorate.
Of 322 summonses issued across the county just 175 were paid with 30 sent for prosecution and 9 were cancelled.
The majority of those fines were issued during the first three months of the year with October, November and December recording the lowest numbers.
32 Fines were issued in the Cobh Municipal district which resulted 17 being paid, 3 cancellations and 2 sent for prosecution. The last three months of 2017 was the worst for the Cobh borough at 18 complaints lodged.
While in the East Cork Municipal District the first quarter of the year was the worst for complaints with 21 incidents recorded. The Municipal district recorded 53 fines for the twelve-month period 32 of which were paid and 4 sent for prosecution.
The number of fly tipping complaints investigated last year almost doubled on the previous year the amount of waste recovered was down on 2016.
The local authority investigated 1796 fly tipping complaints which netted 102 tonnes of waste down from 174 tonnes in 2016 retrieved following 1093 complaints.
223 Fly tipping complaints were lodged across the Cobh Municipal District in 2017 with just 13 prosecutions. In the East Cork Municipal district 192 complaints were received that resulted in 7 prosecutions.
Cobh Municipality Chairman Fianna Fail Councillor Padraig O’Sullivan said law enforcement is not strong or active enough.
He said “until such time that people are caught apprehended and fined this problem is not going to cease at all. It’s just getting worse by the month. “