Open your mind, Balance your pores



If you’re like me and have issues with sensitive skin, you’ll love Kinvara absolute cleansing oil I was slightly dubious at first, given not many products work for me, and most make my skin even drier, however after only three days my skin felt super soft and luxurious with not a flake in sight. And after a week of using it, I had a glow!!!

This oil works wonders. I even used it right before applying my concealer to see if it would slide, but it didn’t budge, nor did it shine, it just relaxed my entire face and my makeup looked flawless.
Always apply to a damp face. Massage more the longer you have, your skin will love it. In the morning you might not need a full clean, in that case just wake up your face with a
hot cloth.
I really cannot get over the difference and I can honestly say this is my new favourite cleansing oil.

Kinvara is recommended for all skin types including oily, sensitive & dry skin

o Patch testing recommended
o Dermatologically tested
o Contains sesame.

Kinvaras Features
o Waterless formulation means NO preservatives
o No mess-No waste lockable dispensing pump
o 100 pumps per 100ml bottle
o Lasts up to 3 months
o Made using Organic* plant oils (*excluding Watermelon) Benefits
o Gentle, non-strip formula
o Cleans & Removes make-up in one easy go – saving you time & money
o Can help Balance oil production, especially important for Acne/ Oily prone skin
o Uplifting  fragrance from blend of therapeutic grade essential oil
o 100% plant oils means it is ideal for those looking to use pure, chemical free skincare


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