Opposition To Plans For Pedestrian Bridge In Killeagh

By Seamus Whelehan

Busy N25 to the east of killeagh Village where plans to put a footbridge is awaiting funding.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) says it can-not support a plan, by the East Cork Municipality to develop a pedestrian walkway linking the eastern side of Killeagh to the village.
School children, people with a disability and the general public have to cross the busy N25 and again the Mount Uniacke road before entering the commercial centre.
Last month Cork County Council approved plans for the construction of the pedestrian footbridge costing an estimated €100,000 on the basis the TII had funding to include it in the current village enhancement programme.
With planning approved, it was hoped that the TII would look more closely and positively on the road safety plan for the East Cork village.
The national roads authority have opposed the proposal citing strict tender and procurement laws and a lack of funding.
“The fact the footbridge was not part of the original contract tender for improvements means we cannot fund it” commented the TII spokesperson.
It’s widely speculated that €75,000 has been set aside for tree surgery, landscaping and street furniture in Killeagh following completion of the works.
Sinn Fein Cllr Danielle Twomey feels this would be better spent on providing the footbridge.
“All we need is the TII to tell us there is money available so Cork County Council can go back out to tender for the works. It would make economic sense to install the walkway now rather than wait and dig up the village again.”
Local man Alan Cotter who has been campaigning for safety improvements for pedestrians said “there is no break in the traffic at peak times, its car after car.”
“They won’t put in a pelican crossing as there are not enough people living on this side of the village and they don’t want to interrupt the flow of traffic.”
“They are trying to put in a new aspect to the village and they won’t cater for a woman in a wheelchair.”