Panic Buying At Supermarkets – Public Urged To Remain Calm Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

By Seamus Whelehan


With East Cork Stores cleared out of toilet rolls by panic buyers, people are told to stop being hysterical over Covid-19

The public has been urged to stop panic buying toilet rolls and other products, as scenes similar to those in the United States and Australia are appearing in East Cork stores.

Shelves in Brookes SuperValu Youghal were also cleared out of every Dettol product, bleach and hand sanitizers, as mass hysteria over the Corona Virus takes hold.

Peter Brookes says “anything with disinfectant, from the health and beauty aisle to the household and laundry section, those aisles have been blitzed.”

From next week the store is to impose a “two per customer” purchase limit on cleaning products, to help give everyone access to essential items, as people continue to strip shelves bare.

Mr Brookes added that the public need to “cool the jets” when it comes to purchasing tonnes of toilet rolls as they are in plentiful supply.

“We have rung around Cash and Carries and other suppliers, and there is an abundance of toilet roll out there.”

“In fact, there are warehouses around the country full to the roof of toilet paper, and there will always be. People need to cool the jets” he said.

While no one in Youghal has yet been affected by the Coronavirus, Brookes SuperValu is offering a unique service to the vulnerable and elderly.

Older people who are not familiar with using online supermarket shopping, if they are stuck at home or in self-isolation during the Coronavirus outbreak, will be able to call the store by telephone and order food to be delivered to their homes.    “If someone informs us they are self-isolating, we would inform them we would not be entering the property. We will leave everything at their front door and retreat to the van. Then they can open their front door and take all their stuff” said Mr Brookes.

Overall, 34 cases of the virus have now been confirmed in the Republic and more than 1,500 people have been tested for Coronavirus.

Four more cases were confirmed in Northern Ireland, bringing the total there to 16.

On Tuesday morning (10 March) Apple confirmed that one of its employees in Holly Hill Cork had tested positive for Covid-19, and they was working closely with local Health Authorities.

If you have any questions regarding the Covid-19 virus, the HSE can be contacted on 1850241850 Monday – Friday 8:00am to 8:00pm and 10:00am – 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday.