Parents and School Buses Causing Parking Chaos At Midleton Schools

By Seamus Whelehan


An Garda Siochana and the School Bus authorities are being asked to review drop off and parking arrangements at Midleton schools.
The move comes amid concerns for pupil safety, as areas close to school campuses, have become battle zones at drop off and collection times, with buses and parents jostling for position.
Cllrs say the current parking practice is putting lives at risk, by causing gridlock near Midleton schools.
Cllr Michael Hegarty told the April sitting of the East Cork Municipality, the problem was particularly bad at the Midleton Educate Together, a review of pedestrian safety around the primary school is need.
The Fine Gael Cllr told the borough’s executive, some parents are causing traffic chaos at drop off and collection times, by parking in the bus set down area.
The practice is causing daily gridlock in the vicinity with buses double parking outside of where they should officially park and children getting on and off busses.
“It’s totally unacceptable on a regional road” he said.
In another part of Midleton, Council heard that buses were causing a headache for some residents.
Cllr Danielle Twomey said residents living off the Aislin Road can’t access their estates because of buses parking along the road collecting second level students.
The Sinn Fein Cllr said the road is so narrow, when buses park to collect pupils, there is only enough space for one car to get through.
“Primary school buses tend to drop and go, whereas secondary school busses park for a length of time waiting for them to come out of school causing gridlock.”
Senior Engineer Cork Roads, Dave Clarke suggested there are alternatives to where the secondary school buses can wait.
He said the set down area off the lake view round about or the clear zone on St Mary’s road are two possibilities.
Ultimately, he said it was an issue for the school bus authorities and an Garda Siochana as where they are parking is an infringement of the road traffic act.