Parents Together in Autism Bag Pack in Tesco Youghal

By Claire O'Donoghue


Youghal Parents Together in Autism will be doing a bag pack in Tesco on Friday 3 and Saturday, 4 May. The voluntary group began as a way of providing parental support to families that got an autism diagnosis for one or more of their children. A committee member said, “It's easy, as a parent of struggling to comprehend what an autism diagnosis means for your child, to get bogged down in paper work and phone calls. Also, a lot of information can be either irrelevant to your child or lacking altogether. We will do our best to help parents get through the first steps to access the information they need. We have, since the group first began, now diversified to providing subsidised activities for the children which may help in some way, to close slightly the huge gaps in the availability of services for them.”

The group fundraise to arrange subsidised activities such as swimming lessons, therapeutic horse-riding, play therapy, taekwondo, cookery lessons, to name but a few. Anything that will aid their motor, language, social and sensory skills.