Paws For Thought


Fifteen years ago in December 2004, Tina O’Driscoll, with great support and encouragement from her family -husband Anthony, son Kevin and daughter Stella, opened the doors of Maryville House Boarding Kennels because, as she said, “I am blessed with the love I have for animals, and so happy to be able to care for these beauties and enjoy a chat with all their wonderful, loving owners”.

Maryville House Kennels is owned and operated by Tina, who is lovingly referred to by her clientele as "The Dog Whisperer". She has a wonderful, genuine rapport with her doggie”guests” who are of all breeds, sizes, ages and temperament. Her ‘canine guests’ are accommodated in custom built, state of the art heated kennels where their every need is catered for, and which have provided the perfect holiday home for visiting dogs over the last 15 years.

Tina provides private accommodation for every dog, each of whom have their own room overlooking the farmhouse where they can see Tina and their caregivers, as well as visitors who are coming and going during the day. This makes them part of the family and engages the dogs.

All dogs are welcomed and lovingly cared for and protected. Adventure and stimulation is very much part of the care offered at Maryville Kennels. All dogs are walked through the fields twice daily. Obedience training is offered and, if needed, dogs will be socialized and develop social skills. All dogs are fed separately, and this is their own special time for one to one pampering with the carers. Every dog gets a nightly treat, and cuddles, before retiring to bed. Tina still remembers her first doggie guest ‘Penny’ owned by local Youghal family
Michael and Lora Broderick

Tina’s motto, and that of Maryville House Kennels, is that the pet owners can go on holidays or take whatever time away they need, and be confident and assured always that their dog is being well looked after, and is receiving the best of care from loving hearts and caring hands.

To celebrate 15 successful years of Maryville House Kennels, and to thank sincerely all the past and present customers, Tina and family is offering
one night free boarding to the first ten bookings for the 2020 season. The competition will be on their Facebook page, “maryville house” boarding kennels,
so be sure to enter and give your dog the chance to experience the luxury, love, care and fun at Maryville House Boarding Kennels. Youghal.
Telephone 087 9127012