Photographic Print Charity Exhibition Launch

By Joanne Delaney, Photos By Claudia


With an incredible Array of photos and Paintings on display, this is surly the place to be this summer!

The National Library of Ireland gifted Brighter Communities Worldwide with over 650 Photographic Prints, these Prints are from various Collections and Exhibitions the National Library has had over the years. They range from Eviction Scenes, to the Working Class Industrialized Ireland, to life on the Streets of Dublin. On Thursday July 4th Brighter Communities Worldwide launched the first of many Events at the Half Light Gallery on Midleton Main Street were 80 Prints were displayed for Sale. All proceeds raised from the sale of the Prints will go towards Brighter Communities Worldwide Community Development Programmes in Kenya. The Exhibition will run through until July 19th, be sure to check it out!