Plans For New Youghal Toilets Go On Display For Second Time

By Seamus Whelehan


Plans for a new toilet block and lifeguard station in Youghal are to go on public display for a second time.   The development worth in the region of €400,000 was originally destined to replace the current public convenience on Front strand, but is now to be located further along the beach.

The project was to begin last month and to be completed prior to the Iron Man triathlon taking place on the 23 June.  Cork County Council say surveys carried out on the ground conditions at the site of the current facility indicated construction costs would be prohibitive.  They said a decision was made to construct the new toilet block on the site of the current lifeguard station allowing for easier construction and greater accessibility for the public including people with a disability.

County Architect Billy Smith told the East Cork Municipality on Monday (4 Feburary) the new location would also fit with current and future infrastructure like the greenway.  The new drawings feature two male and two female toilets on the ground floor with individual first aid and lifeguard store rooms  The planning application also includes a shower block and tower observation room overhead.

If planning is approved construction is expected to begin after the 2019 Iron Man triathlon is completed.  Additional toileting facilities will be put in ahead of the world’s most challenging and physically demanding single day sporting event.



  1. re.

    ” They said a decision was made to construct the new toilet block on the site of the current lifeguard station …”

    There is no life guard station at present.
    The temporary container used as a life guard station during Summer is positioned in a place effected by storms and high seas, hence it is removed during winter.
    The place/site for the planned toilet is badly chosen, exposed and standing on back-filled soil.
    Advises by so called civil engineers (who are not marine engineers) should be taken with caution.
    The Youghal eco walk (a desaster=washed away tropical hard wood) was installed on advise by some sort of ‘engineers’.

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