Prime Parking Spaces For Cobh’s Over 55’s

By Seamus Whelehan


Cobh town centre is the latest town in Cork County to get its own age friendly parking spot.
The move is part of an initiative making it easier for our older population to get around the community, easier to feel included, easier to be productive and fulfilled.
The programme in association with the Cork Age Friendly Alliance is aimed at boosting the County’s perceived age friendliness for residents aged 55 and over.
The scheme is seen as a blueprint for modern Irish society which identifies specific community, social and economic goals for the community, through extensive consultation.
The new parking spaces are located on West Beach and operate like mother and child parking bays.
The local authority say the scheme is subject to the normal parking fees in Cobh and encourage the community to leave the space free for older people to use.
According to the 2016 Census 108,949 people are over the age of 50, that’s 27.25% of the county’s population as opposed to 23.96% nationally. It’s estimated the county’s population of retirees will grow by 29% by 2033. That means Cork County will be home to 115,795 senior citizens by conservative figures.

Cork County Council say its vitally important communities like Cobh develop an age friendly strategy.

As our population ages we must adapt our physical economic and social opportunities to ensure older people enjoy the very best quality of life.

Allowing the elderly to stay in their own surroundings at home as long as they can.

Bandon and Mitchelstown have also adopted the new initiative which follows on the back of a similar programme in Kinsale.

The west Cork town was one of eight towns selected nationally in 2014 and the only town in Cork County to become age friendly.