Questions raised over Dangerous Old Wall in Ballinacurra

By Alan Sheehan

The damage the wall has accumulated throughout its advanced years now threatens to collapse it.

A local resident has again expressed concern regarding an old stone wall in Ballinacurra village which has been fenced off by Cork County Council for some time pending a final decision on the correct course of action.
“It’s a stone wall about ten feet high and it’s about as old as the village itself, if not older. We reckon it dates back hundreds of years. It is 20 to 30 feet long and it is a bit of a feature in the village. But you can see the damage to it. Kids of all ages up and down there every day of the week. People walk past it to and from the estates. It is a danger to the public.”
The wall in question is located between Millview and Beechwood Close in Ballinacurra and runs parallel to the road. It is deformed along its length with quite a few noticeable gaps in the old stonework. Once section of the wall has a metre-long scar near its base where the bottom of the wall threatens to fall forward and spill into the road, potentially collapsing the whole structure.

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