Ramping Up the Safety Issues on Broomfield Road, Midleton

By Seamus Whelehan

L7630 Broomfield Road where residents are campaigning for a series of traffic calming measures to be implemented to aid pedestrian and wheelchair safety.

East Cork Municipality believes that the school time traffic crux at Broomfield Road can be resolved by installing two crossing points on the busy road.
Senior Engineer Cork Roads, David Clarke told the April sitting of the borough, by providing a zebra crossing at the priority junction, as you turn right for Broomfield village and a second just above the rail way station it would help ease the resident’s safety concerns.
Earlier this year a deputation from estates located off the L7630 told the authority they feared for their children’s safety crossing the road to get the school bus.
Due to sheer volumes in the morning and evening times, cars are backed up the Broomfield road the executive was told.

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