Remembering Edward Bransfield


Throughout our nation’s history there have been countless landmark events; many of which have been recognised and remembered. Sadly, this is not the case for Cork’s foremost contributor to the art and science of cartography. Edward Bransfield, a man of national and international significance, is a man who has been almost been totally forgotten to the outside world of his native Ballinacurra village.
Our committee dedicated to the ‘Remembering Edward Bransfield’ was established, 22nd June 2017, where committee members were elected, and our aims and ambitions as were drafted. These minuted are summarised as;
Primary Aim : To commemorate Edward Bransfield’s discovery of Antarctica by erecting a memorial stone inscribed with the details of his achievements in the village of Ballinacurra, his birthplace on 30th January 2020, the two hundred anniversary of his first sighting of the Antarctic Peninsula.
Inauguration: At a meeting held in J.J. Coppinger Lounge Bar Main Street Midleton on Thursday 22nd June 2017, a committee was formed to seek ways in which to raise awareness and seek funding for the proposed monument to Edward Bransfield. The following officers were elected and assigned roles to further the objectives of the Committee.
This January marks a two year countdown period to our stated objected, and the year our committee is very keen to commence an all out fundraising campaign to initially raise €12,000 for erection the proposed monument as part of the commemorations being planned to mark the 200th anniversary of Edward Bransfield’s achievements as his home village of Ballinacurra’s. Although, not part of current fundraising efforts, we are also in discussions to include a small dedication to the Bransfield family members buried at Ballinacurra cemetery, and an information panel to be placed in the vicinity of memorial.
As a committee we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those individuals and Midleton businesses who have already kindly contributed to our fundraising. A summary of current funds have been included.
Item Accounts Credit Fees Debit Balance
1 PayPal 156.70 4.62 50.00 102.08
2 TSB 150.27 0.29 - 149.98
Totals: € 306.97 4.91 50.00 252.06
We are also in discussion with a number of local and national business/commercial sponsors whose details and nature of contributions shall be published on our website as they become available, or confirmed; the first of which is imminently expected.
As an element of fundraising activities, a number of events are currently being discussed. We are in discussion concerning a proposed production of Aidan Dooley story of Tom Crean Antarctic exploits expected to take place in the near future. The venue and dates are still to be confirmed. We would be interested to judge the number of those interested in attending. If this would be of interest please let us know via email, and the number of tickets you would likely require. These are proposed to be priced in the vicinity of €20 with a reduced rate for students.
Should you wish to contribute to our ambitious goals, you may do so by visiting our website dedicated to researching Edward Bransfield personal and naval career. On the home page will be found find donation options.
Please contact us via our
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