Reopening of the Old Railway Line Between Midleton and Youghal is Going the Green Route

By Seamus Whelehan

A section of the old Cork - Youghal Rail Line to be transformed into a Greenway cycle and walking trail

Irish Rail says it has no plans to reopen the rail link between Midleton and Youghal, but favours the creation of a Greenway linking both areas.
Greenways are traffic free cycle and walking trails, making cycling and walking between towns and villages along the route safer.
Jane Creegan, Communications and media officer for Irish Rail said reopening the line was not financially viable and that it required full capital investment from government.
“There is no reusable infrastructure remaining on the alignment, so should rail services be restored in the future, the line would need to be rebuilt.” “[Irish Rail] are underfunded for the existing network as it stands and there are no plans or proposals in the future to re-establish a rail service.”
Last November the company sought permission from government to permanently abandon 10 sections of closed rail line, because of high costs in maintaining them, which they receive no government funding for.
Irish Rail claimed they were spending in excess of €3million maintaining routes that are unlikely to reopen.

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