Representative’s from Youghal attend Ironman Competition in Tenby to See what’s in Store for Youghal

By Claire O’Donoghue

Line em up! Bikes at the ready in Tenby

On Friday, 7 September, representatives from Cork County Council travelled to Tenby in Wales to experience first-hand what the Ironman competition involves.  Sean O’Callaghan (Senior Executive Officer), Helen Mulcahy (Senior Staff Officer of Cork County Council) and Aileen Murray, (Manager of Youghal Socio Economic Development Group), spent the weekend familiarising themselves with everything that an Ironman Competition involves, and getting some feel for how it could all impact on Youghal and East Cork. They were astounded at the effect of the welcome and camaraderie, as well as the masses of people with 2,400 adult entrants and over 2,000 entrants in the Iron Kids competition.


Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Helen Mulcahy said, “Tenby and Youghal are quite similar and it was felt that a visit here during Ironman would help us to get a handle on what to expect.  Nothing could prepare us for the sheer scale of the event, and the number of people competing and attending.  Tenby was absolutely thronged with people from very early morning until late evening.  It became obvious from very early on that the event is very much a family one, with competitors travelling from all over the World with their extended families – many for up to 5 days before the event.    Shops, bars and restaurants enjoyed very steady business and it is clear that Youghal and East Cork will benefit hugely from this event – nothing quite like it has ever been seen by us before.  It was  quite overwhelming.   This event will well and truly put Youghal on the map – exciting times ahead and an awful lot of planning!”