Residents Fuming as Popular East Cork Beaches Trashed By Late Night Party Goers

By Seamus Whelehan


The removal of road warning signs at a popular East Cork beach last weekend are putting people’s lives at risk residents have warned.
A picturesque, Ballynamona beach, was also left littered with empty beer bottles and cans in addition to used wet wipes, after party going revellers, relieved themselves in nearby sand dunes.
Residents living near the popular beach say they are regularly left to clear up after the night time visitors.
Last weekend the reckless vandals removed road warning signs from the nature reserve and used them for a bonfire.
Wooden stakes and corrugated cardboard signs were ripped out of the ground and transported to the beach.
The “Slow pedestrians, Pets and Wildlife present” signs were erected over a year ago along the 2 meter wide access route to the strand, in an effort to slow speeding vehicles.
Proinsias O’Tuama of Ballynamona Clean Coasts said the signs had worked to slow traffic and the group now face raising additional funds to replace them.
A frustrated Mr O’Tuama added earlier this month it took 3 members of his group up to 45 minutes to clear up after a leaving cert book burning party.
The environmentalist said his group were at their wits end after a similar protected area Ardnahinch beach near Shanagarry was also the target of late night partying last month.
On that occasion it took 24 clean coast volunteers an entire day to clean the area, eventually removing up to 25 bags of rubbish.
Ardnahinch and Ballynamona are special protection areas under EU law, 11 species of endangered birds call the area home.
Both the golden plover and bar tailed godwit, who are at risk of extinction, regularly nest here.
Mr O’Tuama said the group were in the process of establishing a CCTV surveillance system in order to protect the delicate eco system and name and shame those responsible.
“This is never ending. Ultimately you have natural threats if we wreck what we have then the birds will go and they will be lost forever.”
“I’m sick of people saying the council need to do more. They are doing their best with the limited resources they have. On many occasions they have gone above and beyond the call of duty.”
The group who are on a mission to clean 30km of East Cork’s coast line need your help.
Clean Coasts Ballynamona and Ballymacoda Ladysbridge, Community Council,(BLCC) have joined forces to raise funds to purchase a quad bike and trailer.
Tickets priced at €5 each or three for €10 can be purchased from Proinsias O’Tuama at St Colman’s Community College or by emailing;
Prizes range from a family membership of Castlemartyr Hotel to a BBQ from Co-op Superstore worth to a €100 voucher for Ballycotton Seafood.