Revealed! 100 New Speed Zones On Cork Roads – 903 Nationally


Gardaí have increased the number of locations across the country where their Go Safe vans will check for speed.

From 6:00am this morning (17 February) almost 100 new locations across Cork County have been added to the 42 locations where speed traps are already in place.

The primary purpose of safety cameras is to reduce speed related collisions, lessen injuries and save lives.

Nationally there will be 903 new road side locations where the speed of motorists will be monitored.

Here, in Cork County, 96 new speed enforcement zones have been established at locations where there is a history of speed related collisions.

In total the County will have 138 sites where the monitoring of speed will be carried out.

The majority of the safety camera zones will be on our regional roads, where there will be a total of 59 locations.

Go Safe vans will also monitor speed at 46 National road sites and on 17 local roads, 13 urban unclassified roads and at 3 motorway locations.

In operation over a decade, the Go Safe Vans have been attributed to helping save lives.

Road deaths have decreased from 415 in 2000 to 148 in 2019.

Gardaí say it’s “a dramatic reduction in terms of risk and a huge increase in terms of road safety.”

The new locations can be found on the Garda Website