Junction definition posts are being installed to improve road safety in a village near Midleton.
East Cork Municipality have been working with Councillor Danielle Twomey to improve road safety on the R630 which runs through Ballinacurra Village.
The Midleton based Cllr has been calling for the installation of proper warning signals and barriers at the pedestrian crossing linking Ballinacurra Village to Grotto View and the Bailick road.
Work is due to commence this week and is expected to be complete by 15 December.
The Sinn Féin Cllr said the minor works were welcome however more was needed.
“There remains a serious risk of someone being injured or killed, higher priority must be given to public safety. The R630 is one of the most dangerous roads in Midleton due to the volumes of traffic that pass through the area daily.”
Cllr Twomey told the September sitting of the borough the road is so dangerous residents don’t know whether they are going to make it to the other side of the street before getting hit by a vehicle.
Under the 2009 Midleton / Whitegate traffic management study the need for traffic calming and improvements to junctions and the provision of pedestrian footpaths from Lakeview to Rose Hill on the Whitegate road were identified.
The report recommended narrowing the road, mediation of the hard shoulder and the provision of a push button crossing.
The local authority say that funding has not been available to further the traffic calming works beyond the dark road.
They say they intend to carry out the works on a phased basis under low cost safety measures over a number of years.