Road Safety Measures Promised for Kilcredan School

By Seamus Whelehan


Cork County Council has promised improved safety measures outside Kilcredan National School, following representation by the East Cork Journal on behalf of concerned citizens.
Fears over the safety of school going children as young as 5 years of age to the rural school were highlighted to this paper by some residents, with a member of the Ballymacoda Community Council describing the daily school run outside Kilcredan National School as “an accident waiting to happen”.
The busy R633 road outside the school, used by motorists to avoid Ladysbridge and Castlemartyr, is plagued with speeding cars and vans.
There are no proper warning signs that there is a school ahead, or traffic calming in place where up to 300 vulnerable pupils attend daily.
John O’Brien from Ballymacoda Community Council says a previous plea had fallen on deaf ears.
“Courier vans and cars are coming up from Youghal through Aghavine Cross on towards Garryvoe and Ballycotton. It’s the shortest route because it avoids having to go into Castlemartyr and Ladysbridge.”
“When children step off buses coming from the Ballymacoda side, they are stepping over the white line where traffic flies through. While the Deputy Principal is on duty to keep the children safe when they arrive in the morning, there is a rush of kids in the evening” he said.
Kilcredan National School was established in 1972 with the amalgamation of three schools in the area.
In December 2014 a multi-million Euro redevelopment of the Primary School was officially opened.
Despite the improvements, there has never been any proper signage, says Mr O’Brien.
“There’s one sign coming from Knockadoon on an old pole since I was going to school here in the 1970’s, and there are no road markings to warn oncoming traffic to slow down” he said.
In a statement to the East Cork Journal Cork County Council said that, following a review of signage on the approaches to Kilcredan National School, they are prepared to install new signage.

They said a review of road markings on the approach roads has been requested, and any faded road markings will be added to the road lining work list.

The Council Spokesperson said should the School Board or Community Council wish to have “School Ahead” flashing light signs installed, they were willing to meet them halfway on the cost.