Road To Close for Nearly Two Months

By Seamus Whelehan


Cobh drivers are being warned they could face disruption as a key section of road network is set to be closed for almost two months.
Councillor Sean O’Connor is pleading with Irish Water not to completely close the R624 Road next month.
The Water utility is to close off a section from Ballynoe Bridge to the skew bridge beyond the Dock Yard, in order to carry out work related to the Lower Harbour main drainage scheme.
The stretch of road, which is one of the main access routes into Cobh town centre, is to close from Monday 14 October until Monday 25 November.
Irish Water say the closure is required to facilitate the installation of a 425 meter foul sewer, 14 manholes and a 150 meter rising main.
The Independent Cllr has urged the Local Authority to refuse a licence to close the route, and look at alternatives.
He claims residents on the Island were not properly consulted and, if the plan goes ahead, it would have a devastating effect on the commercial life of the town and the motoring public.
“People are very annoyed” he said “and there are alternatives but they [Irish Water] are not willing to talk.”
In a statement to the East Cork Journal, Irish Water state they have consulted with residents and local businesses ahead of the planned works.
Their spokesperson said “in advance of the road closure application, a letter was sent to residents along the route and an information evening was held where members of the project team and contractor outlined [the plan] as well as the overall programme of works.”
“Feedback received from residents and businesses was taken into account prior to the application for a temporary road closure” they said.
If Cork County Council grant the road closure licence, a diversion route will be put in place advising incoming motorists to enter the town via Ballynoe Road, Newtown Village, Norwood Park, or Lake Road onto the High Road. Traffic to the Town Centre will be diverted left at the end of Newtown.
Outbound traffic will be sent along the Highroad, Norwood Park, and Newtown village onto Ballynoe Road.
An alternative route of High Road to Spy Hill Park Lane, Cloyne Terrace, O’Donovan Place, Newtown Road to Ballynoe Road, can be availed of.
“The alternative route recommended is out of all reason” said Cllr. O’Connor. “Ballynoe Hill is very steep and has a number of sharp bends. This is the route all transport will have to take to get to the Dockyard, with artic lorries, double trailer loads of logs for export, as well as over 200 cars and lorries entering the Dockyard every day” he warned.



  1. They couldn’t have done it in summer when the schools where off and there would have been an option of taken the bicycle anywhere…no just do it when everybody will be effected…no matter where in Cobh. Because now 1 way in means double traffic 🤬

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