Road to Ruin – Road Conditions in Cobh Driving Motorists Potty

By Seamus Whelehan

Just one of the many sections of Ticknock hill in need of attention

Some of Cobh’s roads are marred with poor road repairs carried out by Irish Water, Councillor Cathal Rasmussen has claimed.

The Labour Councillor said shoddy reinstatement works on Ticknock Hill, carried out by contractors for the water utility, has led to frustration among the Island’s motorists.

“Last weekend the Facebook Warriors destroyed us as Councillors and district officials.”

“I think every official in town was named on Facebook in relation to the fact, Council couldn’t fix the pothole” he told Cork County Council.

He said poor quality repairs had washed away leaving gaping holes in the road surface.

Councillor Rasmussen told the County’s Director of Roads Tom Stritch, “There are 30 areas in Cobh that are potholed or have their roads badly rutted. The excuse we are given is that the Lower Harbour Main drainage Scheme is coming into Cobh in October. We still have to survive and carry on.”

“The same potholes are being opened and the same potholes are still not being finished and it’s something we have to deal with.”

Fine Gael Councillor Sinead Sheppard said cars were swerving to avoid the potholes on Ticknock Hill. “There is going to be an accident” she warned.

Independent Councillor Kieran McCarthy said “the Council are going to have to be more firm with Irish Water, to own up to their responsibilities, if they open the road.”

The director of roads said it was “a constant battle” in getting reinstatement completed by Irish Water.

“In Ticknock we have a constant battle with Irish Water and we look at getting them back to issues there on a constant basis.”

The Authority say they will try and source some funding to carry out works in the area.