Shopping Challenge savings SuperValu!


September is synonymous with back to school, which is undoubtedly a costly time for most families. However, SuperValu has just announced their biggest ever price cuts campaign across their own brand range, giving consumers an opportunity to make real savings on their shopping.

Not only is SuperValu leading the charge on price, they are also setting the bar for greener retail environments. These exciting price cuts follow the recent announcement that all bags used in SuperValu stores will soon be 100 per cent compostable and reusable; taking 2.5 million plastic bags out of circulation over the next year. SuperValu are the first Irish retailer to introduce such measures – further evidence of their commitment to a greener environment and positioning them as leaders in the industry.

SuperValu serves over 2.6 million customers every week and has 221 stores nationwide. Together with its retail partners, SuperValu employs approximately 14,500 colleagues, making it one of the State’s largest private sector employers. SuperValu continues to source locally, wherever possible, which helps to sustain 30,000 jobs in the Irish economy.

So this week, I took on a shopping challenge at Hurley’s SuperValu Midleton.
The challenge was, I do my weekly shop as standard, while a member of Hurley’s SuperValu Shadowed me, picking up the same product’s only in the Supervalu brand, the aim was to see the over all difference in price.
We started at the fresh veg isle, heading down towards the breads and bakery, and soon enough I started to notice the prices had an extreme difference.
When you are used to buying the same things in store week in and week out, you tend to not notice the competitor brand or price, so I continued on as normal stocking my trolley full of the brands I would normally get while barley noticing I was being shadowed.
At the end of the shop, both trolleys were brought to the Tills, and we scanned through all of our rival items at the same time (This took a while) but we got there in the end.
To say I was blown away was an understatement!
My trolley of goods came to €188.87 while the SuperValu branded Trolley of goods same quantity of everything came to €97.99! That’s a saving of €90.88!!!
I cannot believe it the value of the Own brand items, the savings alone are incredible!
Now, I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t normally shop at SuperValu, so clearly had to sample the goods.
Now comes the taste test, I invited some friends over, not telling them what I had done, and unwrapped the goods so as not to show them where they were bought to see exactly the reactions, and boy was I surprised.
First up came the soups, Super-Valu own brand soup, each of my guests wanted the recipe!!!
Then came the Supervalu Own Brand chicken Goujions
, potato wedges and beans and again I was asked if the Goujions were homemade.
Then came the nibbles, I had 5 bowls of Manhattan Popcorn and 5 bowls of SV Popcorn on the counter, and again, most preferred the SV Brand, this surprised me to no end.
The S.V brand of twix like bars, and Snickers like bars also went down a treat.
Needless to say, I am now converted to a Supervalu way of shopping!
We had so much fun doing the Shadow shop and would like to Thank Hurley’s for being such good sports.
And with a €90.88 savings, it’s clear in the name, there really is Super Value at Supervalu!
So don’t just take my word for it, pop into your local SuperValu today for real savings from a brand you can trust!