Speeding Drivers Put Childresn’s Lives Under Threat Near Midleton Playground

By Seamus Whelehan


Cllrs Liam Quaide (Green Party) and Cllr Daniele Twomey (Sinn Fein) both told Council Executive that residents of Michael Collins Square are living in constant fear of selfish speeders, as traffic measures fail to work.
They say the two entrances into Michael Collins Square are in desperate need of speed bumps, before a child gets killed.
At one end of the Square is a very busy playground, surrounded by houses for people of all ages.
Last year the Council erected 30kph speed signs alerting motorists that they are entering a residential area and, in recent months, a pedestrian crossing with raised table was installed on the Park Street approach to the Square.
The action followed a similar Motion tabled by Cllr Twomey in 2018, but several months later residents feel as though they are dicing with death.
Cllr Twomey told the Executive “The signs are not working. There are still issues and because there is a blind corner, residents are concerned that one of their children will get hurt.”
Cllr Liam Quaide said several families fear letting their children out in the evening. “Speed ramps are needed, and any measures that fall short of that are not going to bring the behavioural change needed to give people a sense of safety.”
In response to the Cllrs, Senior Engineer Janet Kenny said Council will assess the area for a speed review to see if further ramps are required.
She said the pedestrian crossing was upgraded at Park Street recently, which should have helped to slow vehicle speeds.
Ms Kenny said that, at the same time, the lighting and road markings were upgraded.