St Colman’s National School, Cloyne Holding Clothes Collection next week

By Alan Sheehan


St Colman’s National School, Cloyne is holding a clothing collection this coming Wednesday, 4 October.
The fundraiser is organised by the parents’ association and asks relatives of students attending the school as well as others in the community to drop in to the school any clothing or related items they no longer need. Donations of all clothing types, paired shoes, belts, curtains, bed linens, towels and stuffed animals are accepted and should be dropped off at the school before 9am this Wednesday morning.
The collection will be handled by Lenrec Ltd, with St Colman’s NS receiving money equivalent to the total weight in Kilograms of the items donated. The proceeds will go towards purchasing games and activities for students’ use during rainy days where the weather prevents them going outdoors during break time and the lack of space inside limits the activities available for students.
As the number of students attending St Colman’s NS is outpacing the space available, a portocabin is currently utilised with a second one planned to follow. Each portocabin takes up space in the schoolyard, which also limits the games or activities available to students during break time. While awaiting the construction of the second portocabin, one class is currently housed in the school hall which reaffirms the lack of area for pupils to fully assemble or gather during break times.
The PA is running a letter, email and phone campaign in response to the lack of suitable space available for students at the school.
St Colman’s has 304 pupils distributed over 11 classes at the school, with only eight appropriately equipped permanent classrooms. Students are forced to use bathrooms in other classrooms or queue for the disabled-accessible bathroom in the corridor, while staff have an inadequate staff room as well as office space.
The Board of Management, Principal and staff have worked to cope with the situation, and procured a grant application for the school’s expansion. However, as the Department of Education and Skills currently refuse to comply with demands made by Cork County Council to fund on-site parking for staff – an essential component of the works – the extension has been delayed before ground has been broken.
For more information on the upcoming clothes collection or the ongoing letter campaign visit the Parents’ Association’s Facebook page at St. Colman's NS Parents' Association Cloyne, Co. Cork.