Survey finds Midleton Cleaner than Most European Cities

By Seamus Whelehan


Midleton has been named among 14 towns nationally that are cleaner than most European cities. The Study, carried out by An Taisce on behalf of Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL), surveyed 40 towns and cities across the country placing the East Cork town in twelfth place overall.
Seven out of ten Midleton sites surveyed earned the top litter grade, placing the town towards the top of the IBAL table with no seriously littered sites.
Two of the top ranking areas surveyed were the Ballyannan Woodland Walk and Riverside Way. The judges said “both were sensitively presented and maintained.”
They also found Market Green Shopping Centre was “exceptionally well presented and maintained with a complete absence of litter throughout.”
Cllr Liam Quaid said that, while he is “delighted and encouraged” by Midleton’s result in the litter league, he has called for a review into the removal of dozens of dog foul and litter bins from the area by Council last year.
The Green Party Cllr said while the Council is put to the pin of its collar “it should be better resourced to take greater care of those bins and our public spaces, that it’s not falling back on volunteers completely.”
East Cork Municipal Officer Joe McCarthy said the latest results in the IBAL league are a great reflection on Midleton’s community spirit.
“In the last report we were ranked 32 out of 40 and found to be moderately littered.
What militated in the result in 2015 was the number of unauthorised signs. A number sites not in the control of Council were also found not to have been maintained.”
“We are all responsible for litter, and we are all responsible for maintaining our areas. It’s not just the Local Authority. Where they do have a responsibility they do a great job” said Mr McCarthy.
In the overall IBAL report, Kilkenny has been ranked the cleanest City in Ireland for a fifth year in a row, followed by Killarney and Athlone.
Mahon and Cork City’s North side were placed 36 and 37 in the ratings for litter, while Cork City Centre was found “clean to European norms.”
For the first time in three years one area has been labelled a litter black spot. Ballymun in Dublin’s North Inner city is the worst place for litter in the Country.
“Today’s tourists demand high levels of cleanliness, and these results indicate that’s what they will be getting this year when they come to Ireland,” says IBAL’s Conor Horgan.
“It is also important that their first impression be a good one, so it’s pleasing to see the roads around Dublin Airport are again to Clean to European norms.”
IBAL has been publishing litter surveys since 2002 as part of its Anti-Litter League programme.