Camera woman Holly Lihou with Mary-Ellen O'Donnell, Rachel Barry and Dylan Looney.

21 teenagers recently took part in a film making course run over five days in Midleton.
The course part funded by Cork County Council and SEACAD was run by Cork Young Film Makers.
The programme is designed to develop confidence in young film makers in acting, writing and directing.
Throughout the weeklong event students learned the tools of the film trade from industry experts Chris Hurley director of the Cork Film Centre and film manager Max Le Cain.
For many it was their first time using professional grade cameras, shooting footage, writing scripts and editing with the same software used by the experts.
Programme co-ordinator Mary McGrath who managed the event said “the programme focuses the fundamental elements of visual storytelling that allow the students direct their own projects.”
“More and more people want to upload to YouTube and want to be mini film makers, at least even if they don’t want to go down the formal route” added Chris Hurley.
The Cork Film Director went on to say those who attend the summer camp “get a bit more media savvy.”
“They are exposed to enough film. If they are taking it in non-critically, that’s bad for them, so it’s good that they learn how things work.”
“The programme is so popular we could have run a second course” he said.
The scheme is in its tenth year. This year the group produced two short films, which will be shown at a gala film event later this year.
One short deals with an addiction to chocolate, the second short is described as a comedy horror.
East Cork has previously done well at the Gala film festival.
Midleton short ‘The teacher’s pests’ won the audience overall prize at the 2015 Gala event, beating over 20 other short films.
Those wishing to take part in future workshops can register their interest by emailing