Sarah Kennedy Checkout Manager with Kathleen Woulfe Positive Ageing Week Chairwoman, Kevin O'Connor Store Manager, Rita O'Keeffe Positive Ageing Week Secretary,Josie Buckley Positive Ageing Week committee Member and Janet Cummins Personnel Manager.

Tesco staff presented members of the Midleton branch of Age Action Ireland, Positive Ageing Week Committee with a cheque for €593 on Friday 2 June.
The group were one of the May recipients of the food giant’s community fund.
The positive ageing group were nominated by members of the community following a six week voting period.
Customers chose their charity by using a blue coin they received after making a purchase in store.
Since the blue chip community fund was established in 2014 Tesco Ireland have supported local organisations to the tune of €3 million.
The Midleton facility has contributed over €20,000 to local charities over that period.
A further €20,000 has been provided to Temple Street, through the Midleton store’s partnership with the children’s hospital over the same period.
Kathleen Woulfe chairperson of Midleton Positive Ageing Week, said the money will assist in introducing East Corks senior citizens to the regions positive ageing resources.
Figures released by the central statistics office show that 108,949 people are over the age of 50, that’s 27.25% of the county’s population as opposed to 23.96% nationally. It’s estimated the county’s population of retirees will grow by 29% by 2033. That means Cork County will be home to 115,795 senior citizens by conservative figures.
Positive Ageing Week 2017 takes place from 25 September to 1 October.
Details on the Midleton event will be published in the East Cork Journal closer to the time.