The Hairy Truth



Its Laser week eeeeeeek !!

Over the last 10 months I have seen such a drastic improvement in my hair growth.

Laser hair removal is an amazing treatment for many people myself included. It gives lasting results and a permanent reduction in unwanted body hair, I have I have had laser in the past with another company, but it had zero impact, whereas Molly and her amazing Ellipse Machine fixed my problems.

Laser removal can be used to successfully treat hair on any part of the body with only a few short treatments and can give results that may for many months or even years. It’s a better investment than  all that shaving and home waxing and gives better results.

Which begs the question… is laser hair removal permanent?

All of this depends upon a number of factors, including things like genetics, hair colour, skin colour and maybe underlying medical issues such as polycystic ovaries or maybe an internal hormone imbalance within the body…for me.. I hope so, and so far, Molly in Midleton Laser Clinic has absolutely changed my life!!!

I’m right now on session number 9, and the difference is Outstanding!! The number of maintenance treatments people may require after 6 to 8 sessions depends upon a number of factors such as the area of the body where the hair is being treated (facial hair often takes more maintenance sessions than other areas of the body) but on average most people require between 2 to 4 maintenance sessions per year. Still better than all that shaving and home waxing though, right?

It really depends upon the person’s expectations in relation to how permanent laser hair removal is.

The benefits of the treatment are amazing and for some people actually life-changing, giving them increased confidence and a smile that they may not have had in many years due to excess body hair.

If you can imagine somebody who has been suffering from Hirsutisum “ excess facial hair for many years like me”, … for this person, a lasting reduction that could be maintained by treatments maybe 3 or 4 times per year is an excellent outcome.

For the general population however that do not have any underlying medical issues of hormonal imbalances, laser hair removal does give a lasting result and although it does need to be maintained on average one to two sessions per year this is a really excellent result when compared to other forms of hair removal such as shaving or waxing.

Right now I don’t have to shave, I don’t have to worry about shadows , and I certainly don’t have to worry about my makeup wiping off exposing a 5 o clock shadow!!!

The difference in my confidence, and my overall happiness has been increased tenfold!

If you would like any further information on laser hair removal then please feel free to drop into Molly in Midleton Laser Clinic, her expert opinion will really change your life.

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Ill keep you all updated on how session 10 goes !