The Killeagh Inch Community Council Seek County Council Help

By Seamus Whelehan


The Killeagh Inch Community Council have sought help from Cork County Council to enhance their area.
A deputation led by Anne O’Neill, Community Council’s Chairperson gave the Local Authority a shopping list of items they would like to help improve quality of life for their residents.
Ms O’Neill told the Council Executive on Monday that the need for a proper water supply for the area and increased parking were among their top priorities.
In the event of a power cut, after ten minutes there is no water in the village she commented.
Sinn Fein Cllr Danielle Twomey said she was unsure if Irish Water plan an upgrade of the water system in the village under their 2024 plan but would investigate on their behalf.
Fianna Fail Cllr James O’Connor said it’s a very serious issue for the village. Uncertainty around the water utility’s plan for Killeagh is preventing the Council from resurfacing the road from the existing water infrastructure north of the village from Mount Uniacke road back down to Killleagh which is in a desperate state.
Ms O’Neill also said the council could look at purchasing a vacant property on main street through the rural regeneration scheme, to create a new car park and for the relocation of the recycling units removed from the community centre.
There are 16 businesses in the centre of the village and currently 17 parking spaces, 8 of the businesses are non-resident with staff traveling daily
There are 8 residents with cars on the street some are unable to park outside their property and one disabled parking spot on the street that is not accessible as it’s too tight.
Fine Gael Cllr Susan McCarthy said “the acquisition of the building poses a problem in terms of financing and the finance for the car park itself afterwards.”
Cllr Michael Hegarty Fine Gael said “if it is doable it would be an excellent facility for the village.”
Independent Cllr Mary Linehan Foley said she was in contact with Cork County Council property section a couple of months ago regarding the possible purchase of the building.
She said “price was a big thing at that time but if they are very anxious now to sell maybe now is a good time to go back in and follow up.”
The community council also raised issues with Killeagh’s traffic lights and a number of lighting standards.
Ms O’Neill said the traffic lights have not worked for 4 out the past 8 weekends. She said the often go at the weekend and its Monday before they are fixed.
The Community Council Chairwoman said there are 5 lights on the street on 24 7 since October 2017 when they were switched on.
The community council chairwoman said the group would also like to see an extension to the grave yard at Glenbower road.