The Tara Sheridan Memorial “Dip in the Nip Cork”

By Claire O’Donoghue

Tara Sheridan - Her rmemory is celebrated each year with Cork's Dip in the Nip

On Sunday, 2 September, on a beach yet to be disclosed, the Annual Cork Dip in The Nip will take place, and is in memory of Tara Sheridan, a brave woman who lost her fight with cancer. Registration is still open for all those who will dare to bare in the fight against cancer. Funds raised at this year’s event will go to Marymount Hospice and Cork Dragons (Breast Cancer Survivors).

Organiser, John Collins, was married to Tara Sheridan for 19 ½ years. During that time, Tara got cancer 6 times before finally succumbing and, sadly, she passed away on 12 January 2014. “The motto of Dip in the Nip is Live, Laugh, Love,” said John, “We always get a good crowd. There are great things lined up including a Zumba dance warm up, and body painters for those who feel they want to cover scars – or anything else!   It’s not about nudity, it’s about coming together and having a laugh, release the fear and remember those who are suffering from cancer and those we have lost to it.  All shapes, sizes, operation scars…doesn’t matter. We, her family and friends, continue to raise awareness while remembering Tara and supporting our chosen charities.” Dip in the Nip is something you can do to help support those affected by cancer and can also be your personal little victory and an overcoming of fear by daring to bare.

Dip in the Nip is open to all. The beach will be sectioned between males and females and while they may be able to see each other, they’ll be far enough away not to be, distinguishable! There will also be a section cordoned off for families to join in (please note this is a clothed area – and all children must wear swimming togs). Lifeguards will be present to give assistance if needed.

To register send an email to or text John on 087 3152154

All those who register will get a text with the pickup point and time (early morning) from where they will then be taken to the beach location. Participants can either get sponsorship cards or pay €30 on the day. Why not gather some friends and sign up for this amazing event – with the prevalence of cancer today and the sheer numbers of families affected, chances are you’ll love someone who is  facing a battle – face the tide together, there can be no regrets.





Tara Sheridan - Her rmemory is celebrated each year with Cork's Dip in the Nip