Traffic Wardens To Carry Out Parking Crackdown In Midleton Next Week

By Seamus Whelehan


Illegal parking in Midleton could be a thing of the past as two new Traffic Wardens are set to swoop in on the town from next week.

The on-loan Wardens will carry out a six month operation to crackdown on problem parking throughout the market town.

The operation is designed to increase traffic flow on the Main Street and footfall into businesses.

Cork County Council say they will deploy the new resource on an ad hock basis to target motorists who over stay their time, or who park illegally or dangerously.

A recent survey has revealed that, on average, customers park for 20 minutes on Main Street. By occupying a Main Street parking spot for seven to eight hours at a time, 24 customers are prevented from shopping.

Fine Gael Cllr Susan McCarthy, who has backed the move by Council, says free parking is a great asset for the town, if respected.

But if it’s not respected then it’s a burden. With the Traffic Wardens doing their job right, the system will work.

“It’s about freeing up the space for people who want to come in, spend an hour, and get their jobs done, getting to the Pharmacy, to the Post Office and to the Library.”

“Two Wardens are going to swoop in together. We won’t know when. We won’t know for how long. Sometimes it might be for a half day or three days in a row. It’s really to catch the serial offenders” said Cllr McCarthy.21