Turning 35

By Joanne Delaney


So Yesterday I turned the big 35!

I really can't tell which one looks more frightening: the actual number 35, or spelling it out. Thirty five. Thirty five. Thirty five. No matter the font selection or caps arrangement, the words seem pretty aggressive to me, and I really don't appreciate the tone either!

"Age is of no importance, unless you are a cheese," a meme smiles at me from my Instagram feed. I nod enthusiastically, desperately wanting to believe that it's true, yeah! It’s not!.

But, Part of me definitely does believe that hype.

I don't feel my age, and often, I am assumed to be younger. (This is the ultimate compliment for me.) I've been working on controlling my reaction to this information because the high-pitched squeal and breathy laughter just screams you're older than people think.

I am pretty content with my life, all things considered, but time seriously seems to be slipping. So, let's talk about age, life and how weird it is to get older and to be "old."

Aging is a topic I've been mildly obsessed with since I was “Young”.

I’m not sure what set it off, but I remember getting a bad sunburn and noticing how the skin crinkled around my eyes. Pointing out to my mother that I had wrinkles and that it bothered me, she rolled her eyes and told me to stop staring in the mirror because I obviously had too much time on my hands. (Burn.) Anyways, Moral of the story, looking after your health is a key part to growing older.

Have you noticed how different the birthday presents get as you get older?

Rather than the cool jewellery and handbags, you start getting anti-aging cream, bath salts, relaxation items and pyjamas.. Really lads Pyjamas??? .. Subtle right!

So you think you’ve finally come to terms with getting older thing, and then what happens, you throw your back out!

Happy Birthday to me indeed!

Until Next week x Joanne