Fota Wildlife Park hosts a Twilight Walk in aid of BUMBLEance tonight, Thursday 27 July.
The unique event runs from 6.30-8.30pm and is open to the general public with tickets available for purchase on the night. Adult tickets are priced at €10 and children tickets are set at €5, the proceeds raised will go towards BUMBLEance, specifically the setting up of a Cork-based Southern Regional service.
“There will be a twilight safari through Fota,” said Tony Heffernan, CEO of the Saoirse Foundation, which encompasses the BUMBLEance project. “It is unique as people will be at Fota at a time when it is not usually open to the public, so they can see the animals being fed and maybe even get up close and personal towards the end. We will have the mascots there as well, a bit of food and some of the BUMBLEances there so people can see them in person. We will also have between 25-30 of BUMBLEance families there on the day. Again, it is unique as people don’t usually get to meet the parents and kids who use the service that they fundraise for. There is high demand for the Twilight Walk and it is first come, first served. Hopefully everyone will have a good night.”
BUMBLEance, the Saoirse Foundation’s second project, which offer a free national service for critically ill children in Ireland by working with the National Ambulance Service to provide safe and comfortable transportation for such children between their homes and hospitals, hospices, national treatment centres and respite centres. The Twilight Walk is fundraising to establish a the Southern Regional BUMBLEette that would be based in Cork and facilitate young patients who do not require full ambulance support with a paramedic on board, but who nonetheless are seriously ill and who require transportation to and from treatment centres nationwide.
“We are trying to get a new BUMBLEance on the road,” said Mr Heffernan, “specifically a dedicated vehicle for Cork City and County, one that would service Kerry, Waterford and South Tip but be based in Cork. We are helping a lot of in East Cork. It is a 100% free service; there is no cost to the parents and kids who to travel and we fundraise for every trip. We rely on the public and businesses’ support for these trips and we appreciate any fundraising efforts. If anyone is interested in getting involved with or setting up a fundraiser please contact us.”
For more information visit the BUMBLEance Children's National Ambulance Service Facebook page, or to become involved in fundraising for the charity call 083 004 4444 or email