Vandals Attempt to Burn Cobh Play Area



Gardaí in Cobh are investigating the torching of a children’s playground in the town. The arson attack, according to Authorities, happened some time between Sunday 24 February and Monday 25 February. Fire was set to the playground at the Five Foot Way damaging the surface of one of the play areas main slides.

Both Gardaí and the Playground Committee are looking for anyone who may have witnessed the action or has any relevant information, to come forward. Cobh Playground Fundraising, the group behind the development of the play area, expressed huge disappointment at the vandalism. They said they were “absolutely gutted” that a few would try and destroy what the town has worked long and hard to develop.

The playground, designed for children of all abilities, opened last summer at a cost of €180,000 making it one of East Cork’s biggest playgrounds for children of mixed ability. The all-inclusive playground looks just like a regular playground, but small adaptive changes have made it more accessible for special needs and the different abled.

Largely funded by the community, and supported by Cork County Council, the Five Foot Way playground includes features for children with developmental issues and children who prefer more sensory play. The site also includes swings, see saws and a zip line.

Anyone with information can contact Cobh Gardaí on (021) 490 8530.