Waterrockers Gala Variety Concert Raises €1,000 for Cian’s Care and Time for Tilara

By Alan Sheehan

Some Members of the Midleton Active Retirement Choir.

The Waterrockers Gala Variety Concert in aid of Cian’s Care and Time For Tilara raised €1,000 for the charities last Friday, 26 May.
Held at the Midleton Park Hotel, the Gala Variety Concert included performances from Cork East Male Voice Choir, the Arianne Singers, Midleton Active Retirement Choir, Sarah Gilroy, James O’Donovan and Cal Flavin. Sean Curtin was the main accompanist and the evening was emceed by Charlie McAllister.
“We had a very successful night,” said Philip Jordan, the main organiser of the event. “The crowd wasn’t huge as there was a concert the night before in the CBS Secondary School. But even though the place wasn’t quite full we raised €1,000 for two local charities. We are very grateful to all involved who gave their services free of charge and to all the performers who gave their talents to help two really worth causes, Cian Twomey and Tilara Costa-Holmes. A great night was had by all.”
Ms Jordan explained that the events origins lay with a similar fundraiser, specifically the Kiltha Tones concert held for Time for Tilara at the start of this month.
“We were at the concert almost a month ago in aid of Tilara,” said Ms Jordan. “We heard of her plight; it’s a very difficult situation the kid is in. At a meeting we agreed that we wanted to run a concert for the same charity. Then we heard about Cian in Balliancurra who has cancer and he is equally deserving. So we organised a concert and whatever we got on the night we would split between the two. Thankfully it was a very successful night and I have to thank my fellow Waterrockers for helping to organise it as such.”
The Time for Tilara trust was set up to raise €140,000 to cover the costs of selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery and post-operative rehabilitation for Tilara, a six-year-old girl from Midleton who was diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, a condition which restricts her movement and causes chronic pain.
More information can be found at www.timefortilara.com or the Time For Tilara Facebook page.
Cian Twomey, 18, was diagnosed with paraganglioma, a rare form of cancer the treatment for which is unavailable in Ireland. Cian’s Care was set up to raise €65,000 for him to travel to Rotterdam, the Netherlands for radiation therapy.
More information on Cian’s condition can be found at www.Cianscare.com or the Cians Care Facebook page. A GoFundMe page has been set up under the title Cians Care.