Will you Give €2 for Defibrillators in Youghal? Community First Responders Seek your Help

by Denise FitzGerald


The critical and crucial work of Youghal Community First Responders is well known and very much appreciated, and their help has led to saving the lives of many people in the Youghal, East Cork and West Waterford areas.
When someone makes an emergency 999/112 call, the Youghal Community First Responders are despatched by the National Ambulance Service at the same time as an Ambulance, and are able to respond within minutes to a casualty. Fully trained and equipped to provide pre-hospital care prior to the arrival of an ambulance at the scene, these extra minutes can often make a life saving difference for the patient.
The aim of Youghal CFR is to help save more lives through placing public access defibrillators in the local area, and to provide community CPR training. Two defibrillators, one at Youghal Post Office and the other at Spar on Front Strand, have already been placed and they hope to have two more installed this year.
But they need your help and support!
They told The East Cork Journal that they will be calling to the homes of friends, family, neighbours and Youghal residents over the coming few weeks. They will knock on your door one evening between 7pm and 9pm and will be easily recognisable in their High Visibility Jackets, with each Responder wearing an Identity Card. "We would love to collect just €2 from each house", they said. "This will bring us closer to achieving our target of four Defibrillators for Youghal and the surrounding areas, and every Euro received can make a difference".

So why not put a €2 coin now, (or whatever you can afford), somewhere near your front door so that, when members of this voluntary group call, you will have it ready to donate. You, a member of your family, a friend or neighbour may require this urgent, life saving Defibrillator sometime in the future, and your €2 donation may just help provide it.