Youghal Astronomy Club Members Reach for the Stars

by Denise FitzGerald

Ronan, Ikki, Norman, Joe, Kay and Olly reach for the stars.

With an upcoming Talk by Eddy Lyons entitled ‘Discovering the Solar System’, which will be hosted by Youghal Astronomy Club in Youghal Library on Thursday, 23 February next at 6.30pm, The East Cork Journal had a brief interview this week with the very active and enthusiastic members.

Youghal Astronomy Club meets on the last Thursday of each month at 6.30pm where they discuss such fascinating topics as what's happening in the skies for the following month, programmes they follow on TV such as The Sky at Night, Eclipses and more.  They have monthly outdoor observation sessions, weather permitting, take many photographs of special events, and were enthusiastic about the recent Conjunction of the Moon with Venus.

Trips to other Astronomy Groups included a recent visit to Galway by nine of  their members for the Astrofest 2017.   Speaking with The East Cork  Journal they said the programme included varied talks and two Workshops - one on how to set up and use a new Telescope, and the other on how to draw Celestial objects such as the moon, planets and stars.  The weekend was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

The Group hopes that there will be a big turnout for their upcoming event on the 23 February "which", they said, "will be a great talk for those who have an interest in Astronomy and even for those who have not".  Children must be accompanied by an adult and admission is free.

They extended sincere thanks to Youghal Library for their excellent facilities which, Joe Donovan told The East Cork Journal "include Projector and Screen, with surround sounds which are superb".

Open to new members, who will be made very welcome, further information can be obtained on 087 9174165, or email