Youghal Community First Responders to Hold Household Appeal

By Claire O'Donoghue


Youghal Community First Responders, together with Lidl Ireland, have announced the installation of the 7th public access defibrillator at Lidl shop Youghal. Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Patrick McCarthy (Scheme Coordinator), said, “We would like to thank Caroline and the staff at Lidl for their fundraising efforts which allowed us to place the defibrillator at Lidl, which is another key place in the town. As usual also, we'd like to thank the people of Youghal for their constant support which allows the provision and placement of these potentially lifesaving devices.”


Youghal Credit Union has kindly donated the cost of another defibrillator which will be placed at their building, and Youghal Rugby Club will be getting their new one wired up this week. There are still key places, such as housing estates, where Patrick and his team are keen to get devices set up. To that end, they are planning a fundraising Household Appeal, asking each household in the various estates to donate €2 towards the cost of a defibrillator, which is €1,500 plus €500 for the outer box.