Youghal Musicians Set for Annual Christmas Jam

By Jordan McCarthy


The 2017 edition of the Youghal Musicians’ Annual Christmas Jam is happening on Wednesday 20 December in the Nook Bar.
The ‘Christmas Jam’ has become a fun tradition for Youghal’s performers and music lovers alike, and the message from the organisers this year is to ‘‘bring an instrument and bring a friend’’. The open session kicks-off at 9pm and all are welcome. Lots of singers and musicians from the area, varying across several musical genres, will be performing on the night, in what has proved to be a very popular custom, down through the years.
Ahead of the event, local musician Martin Baylor, who has been ever-present at the various jamming sessions over the years, said; ‘‘I came up with an idea back in October or November 2005. Basically I thought that, if you work in a shop or wherever, you get a Christmas party, right? Well, the musicians who go out and entertain everybody else throughout the year deserve a night out, the same as everyone else.
‘‘So, we organised it ourselves - as we work for ourselves. There's no one to do it for us. And it's snowballed since its inception in 2005. Long may it continue!’’