Youghal Town Now Has An App

Clifford Winser and Kieran Groeger.

On Friday, 19 October, the new Youghal App was launched in the Red Store with an eager and excited crowd in attendance. The panel of speakers introducing and explaining the app features included Kieran Groeger, Colin Hanley from the Boon Agency (the technical support behind the app), Paul Kavanagh from McCarthy Insurance in Fermoy, Barry Treacy from Youghal Credit Union (main sponsors) and TD David Stanton.


Kieran Groeger has done tremendous work gathering local commercial and tourist information, as well as door-to-door advertising of the app at various businesses over the last few months. That same work shall continue as new features and information become available, and added to as times goes on.  He stressed the importance of continually adding to and updating the app every week, and encouraged local business owners to that end. Any new information which people want advertised or announced from the community, whether it be an event, restaurant menu changes, special offers etc., must be emailed to by Fridays to be included in the app for the following week.   Phase 2 of the app, expected in the next 3-4 weeks, will have more options and details and will include features which allow users, for example, to book seats for ticketed events, download local business coupons and the addition of local Garda Alert notices.


The baseline features of the app come under many headings for both visitors and locals alike, for example a “What's On” section where, with a tap of the screen, events such as local charity events, music sessions, theatrical productions, cinema screenings and more are detailed for the coming week. Whatever event takes your fancy, you simply tap on it for more details.

The “Food and Drink” and “Lodgings” sections allow you, not only to view all local eateries, pubs, B&B's and hotels, but you also have the options of calling the venue to make a reservation, get directions from your current location and  sharing the information you’ve been provided. A tourist, for example, wanting to meet up with friends, can find a restaurant, book a table and send the information to friends.


There are huge benefits to having this comprehensive Youghal and local area information at the touch of a button. Barry Treacy (Youghal Credit Union) said, “We all benefit from local business growth.” Special mention was made at the launch of how useful (and tested!) it will be for the thousands of visitors expected to flock to the town next year during the Ironman competition.


Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Kieran Groeger said, “For Youghal to get the maximum benefit from the app it’s important, firstly, that people download it (see Google Play, Apple App Store) and secondly that people and businesses continually submit new information for the weekly updates. That way, it can truly become “our” Youghal app.”


Kieran would also welcome any ideas or thoughts that people may have on what to include in the available information, and any features they believe would be beneficial.  Again, the place to send all that and have your say is