Youghal Town Puts Best Foot Forward with Pamela

by Claire O’Donoghue


On Saturday last, 12 January, an estimated 2,000 people gathered at Nealon’s Quay for the first official Operation Transformation Walk of the year. Full of enthusiasm and fun and led by the personification of both, Pamela Swayne, the crowd set off on a 5km walk taking in the Lighthouse Hill and beach. Participants ranged in every description from babies in buggies to seasoned athletes and everything in between. Speaking with The East Cork Journal, Pamela said, “I’m floored by the support of friends, strangers and businesses. It’s a day I’ll never forget and a great one for my family and I. If I can make Youghal half as proud as it’s made me, it’ll be something I’ll always treasure.”
The atmosphere was bubbling over with good spirits as people stepped with an optimistic stride towards the coming year’s goals - both personal and those of the town itself. It is amazing, the buzz which Pamela’s Operation Transformation has brought to the town. Her bravery to go on national television and lay herself bare emotionally and physically, has galvanised the town to go on the journey with her and support her, literally, every step of the way. There is no doubt that the flames of the fire, ignited with the news of the World class Ironman competition coming to the town, the new boardwalk extension plans and the green light for the Midleton to Youghal Greenway, are now raging as the town faces a new year and new hopes with Pamela, and her efforts, taking the first step.
Youghal’s GAA Club has registered for the “Get Ireland Walking” initiative through Operation Transformation and the GAA. Every Thursday night (starting tonight) at 7pm for the next 6 weeks, they have organised walks and everyone is welcome to attend. All participants must register and for those who did not register at the club on Monday or Tuesday, forms are available at Broderick’s Hardware, Youghal Community Health Project and Amber Filling Station at the Front Strand. These forms must be completed and brought to Youghal GAA tonight ahead of the walks. Youghal Community Bus Committee have also offered their services to anyone living down in the town, without transport, who wish to take part in the walks. Please text 086 4668484 to book a seat. The bus will leave the Post Office at 7pm. Two walk routes are planned to suit all abilities, a 1.5km and 4.5km, both of which will begin and finish at Youghal GAA Club.
GO PAM!!!!!