Youghal’s Pamela Has Passed Mid Way Point on Operation Transformation

By Claire O’Donoghue


As she has just passed her midway point in RTE’s Operation Transformation, Pamela Swayne from Youghal continues to not only climb hills but mountains! Last week viewers saw her reach the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain, cheered on from couches around not only East Cork but the whole of Ireland. Each leader this year has been a testament to the love of family and the support of their home town. Pamela, while blazing her trail, is also putting Youghal centre stage and the town is responding with enthusiasm to her efforts. Messages of congratulations on her achievements so far, continue to come in.

Speaking with The East Cork Journal Pamela said, “This week I am concentrating on increasing my steps, pushing myself with the running and trying to drink more water. The next scheduled public walk is this Saturday at Amber Service Station out the Strand at 11am. All are welcome and your support is really appreciated.”

Lidl Youghal have gotten behind Pamela also. Speaking with one of the staff, Caroline Prendergast said, “Pamela is one of our regular customers here in Lidl. We sponsor part of her weekly shop for the 6 weeks of Operation Transformation as the staff and management are so proud of her achievements and courage. We want to wish her continued success in her journey.”

Keep up the excellent work Pamela.  We’re all rooting for you.